Stencil Clean Wipes
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QTEK’s Stencil Clean Wipes are pre-saturated wipes that have been specifically designed to remove stencil contaminants including solder pastes, fluxes, UV curable inks, adhesives and thick films found in electronic assembly manufacturing.

QTEK’s stencil clean formula has been created specially to achieve the high performance cleaning, is 100% safe, fast drying and odor free. This stencil cleaning formula is an excellent degreaser and removes contaminants cleanly without staining the surface of the stencil.


  • Perforated roll of 100 wipes
  • Specially formulated stencil cleaning fluid
  • Low linting and extemely absorbent wiper material
  • Highly effective cleaning properties
  • Extremely effective on solder paste residue
  • Evaporates quickly to leave surfaces clean and dry
  • Typically used for under-screen cleaning, misprinted PCBs, spatulas, printer interiors and more


  • 100% polyester heavy-weight wipe
  • Pre-saturated using QTEK’s Stencil Clean fluid
  • Available in a tub of 100 pre-saturated wipes and replacement 100-wipe refill pack for continuous use
  • Refill packs offer environmental and cost saving benefits

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500ml, Tub 100, Pkt 100, 5 Litre


10 / Case, 12 / Case, 6 / Case

Part NoDescription Unit Packaging Quantity

Stencil Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes

Tub 100 12 / Case

Stencil Clean Pre-Saturated Wipes

Pkt 100 12 / Case