About QTEK


QTEK Manufacturing Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of cleaning consumables for electronics manufacturing and associated industries. With headquarters in Galway, Ireland, QTEK also hosts manufacturing sites in Hungary and Mexico. QTEK has established an extensive network of international distributors and provides a focused range of high quality products, which are competitively priced and can be customized to suit the ever-changing requirements of diverse industries.


Our Story

1980’s Ireland benefited from the emergence of an Electronics sector featuring the worlds leading companies. QTEK Manufacturing set up to support the industry and began manufacturing and supplying consumables for PCB manufacturing. QTEK were one of only three companies in the world to secure a license to convert DuPont Sontara material and began manufacturing screen rolls which quickly became the most popular in the market.

The mid 2000’s presented challenges as the majority of companies involved in electronics manufacturing in Ireland such as Digital, Dell and Fujitsu began relocating their manufacturing plants to lower wage economies. QTEK identified the need to adapt to industry trends, deciding to set up manufacturing facilities in Guadalajara, Mexico and Budapest, Hungary while focusing on finding suitable distributors to represent QTEK products across mainland Europe and further afield.

QTEK Manufacturing Ltd.has established competitive advantages in the two core business areas of manufacturing and distribution. Rigorous quality control procedures ensure the consistent high standard of quality and reliability, required for high-end electronics manufacturing. Similarly, QTEK only work with the most reputable and dedicated representative in each territory, to ensure QTEK products receive the necessary sales support around the globe.