SMD Splice Clips
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SMD Splice Clips are used to easily splice component reel tapes together. Enabling quick and easy splicing actions whilst reducing machine downtime when component reels are changed over.

This product provides a secure connection of SMT component tapes and reels as well as increasing SMT pick and place machine output. Use with


  • Used to pierce carrier tape to join the end of old component reels to the beginning of new reels
  • Can be used with SMT Manual Splice Tool and splice tapes of all widths
  • Supplied in boxes of 4,000
  • Brass material
  • 11 holes matching the holes of SMT Carrier Tapes
  • Shim dimensions: 22mm x 2.6mm

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Pkt 4,000

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SMD Splice Clips

Pkt 4,000