Supasat IPA/DI Polyester Cleanroom Wipes
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Supasat IPA/DI Polyester Cleanroom Wipes


Supasat IPA/DI Polyester Cleanroom Wipes have been developed from an ultra-soft, knitted polyester material. Featuring ultrasonically-sealed edges, these Supasat IPA/DI Polyester Wipes have been pre-saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionised water and are suitable for Class 10 cleanroom environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured from 100% continuous filament polyester
  • Ultrasonically sealed edges removes need for adhesives
  • Pre-saturated with 70%/30% IPA/DI
  • Cleanroom micro-filtered to 0.2µ
  • Low particles, fibers, ions and extractables


  • Ideal for use in Class 10 cleanroom environments
  • Robust design allows for deep, aggressive cleaning
  • Suitable for the removal of stubborn contaminants


  • Aluminium lined resealable pouch

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Pack 50


9 x 9

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Supasat IPA/DI Polyester Wipes

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