Supasat® IPA/DI Poly-cellulose Sterile Wipes
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Supasat® IPA/DI Poly-cellulose Sterile Cleanroom Wipes have been developed from expertly blended polyester and cellulose material. Pre-saturated with 0.2µ filtered 70% isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionised water and designed for use in cleanroom environments where contamination control is critical.

  • Terminally sterilised by gamma irradation
  • 230mm x 230mm wipe
  • Extremely low particulate generation

Features & Benefits

  • A sterile ready-to-use wipe
  • 0.2µ filtered cleanroom grade isopropyl alcohol
  • Super-absorbent, non-woven, cleanroom wipe, with extremely low particulate generation
  • Manufactured in a Class 100 / ISO 5 cleanroom
  • Soft but durable, will not scratch or damage surfaces
  • Low in soluble extractables and metallic ions and can absorb four times its own weight
  • Excellent tensile, tear and bursting strengths
  • Manufactured using advanced hydro-entanglement technology


  • Aluminium lined resealable pouch with slide rite seal
  • 30 wipes per pouch, 20 pouches per case


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9 x 9


Pack 30

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Supasat® Poly-cellulose Sterile Wipes

9 x 9Pack 30