Opti Lens Clean Spray
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Opti Lens Clean Spray

QTEK’s Opti Lens Clean Spray is ideal for use on VDU screens, glass components, lenses and inspection/meteorology equipment. The Opti Clean Spray works quickly and effectively to keep glass and optical surfaces crystal clear


  • Opti Clean VDU cleaner
  • Highly effective cleaning properties
  • No rinse necessary
  • Perfect for cleaning after final assembly


  • Colour: Clear blue
  • Flash point: 39°C
  • Fully miscible in water
  • pH Value: 6.5 < pH <= 7.0
  • Manufacturing process is in compliance with ISO 9001 Quality systems

Also available in pre-saturated wipes

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500ml, Tub 100, Pkt 100

Part NoDescription Unit Packaging Quantity

Opti Clean Spray

500ml 12 / Case