IPA/DI Wipes
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IPA/DI Wipes

QTEK’s IPA/DI Wipes are general purpose cleaning wipes that have been designed for use throughout the production process. Saturated using a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and De-Ionised Water, the IPA/DI Wipes are sterile cleaning wipes that leave surfaces and items free of contamination


  • Perforated roll of either 100 or 210 wipes
  • IPA/DI fluid
  • Low linting, very absorbent
  • Highly effective cleaning properties
  • Evaporates quickly to leave surfaces clean and dry
  • Sterile, leaves items free of contamination
  • General purpose cleaner


  • 100% polyester wipes
  • Pre-saturated using a mixture or 70% IPA/30% DIW
  • Weight: 68gsm
  • Thickness: 0.279mm/11mils
  • Extractables: DIW – 0.015mg/g, IPA – 0.057mg/g
  • Available in tubs of 100 or 210 pre-saturated wipes
  • 100-wipe refill pack also available

Also available in fluid and spray

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500ml, Tub 100, Pkt 100, 5 Litre, Tub 210

Part NoDescription Unit Quantity

IPA/DI Pre-Saturated Wipes

Tub 100

IPA/DI Pre-Saturated Wipes

Pkt 100

IPA/DI Pre-Saturated Wipes

Tub 210