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ISO9001:2008 Certification

The Directors and Management of Controlled Environments Company. are committed to the development and implementation of a quality based system.

Such a system is of fundamental importance to the development of the Group’s staff and their ability to meet customer expectations. The Management will ensure that all employees are familiar with their responsibilities in this regard.

The core competencies of the Group are:

  • the sourcing of industry-leading products, brands and technologies from around the globe;
  • logistical management of these products to ensure the optimal supply solution for our customer companies;
  • anticipating future industry trends and aligning our sourcing and supply capabilities with these developments.

The role of Quality Management and Systems permeates all of these core competencies.  Through the implementation of ISO and our pursuit of continual improvement, Production Equipment Ltd. will demonstrate its dedication to the stated objectives:

1. Meet and exceed customer expectations.

2. Provide products and services of the highest standards.

3. Develop and maintain the competence of all staff.

Controlled Environments Company. is certified under ISO9001:2008 for the sourcing, sales and distribution of consumable products, production aids and equipment, manufacturing of consumables for the electronics, health and safety and life sciences industries