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    No Clean Desoldering Braid
    No Clean Desoldering Braid

    • No clean soldering wick designed for quick and
      efficient PCB desoldering and repair.
    • Flux coated copper braid.
    • Halide-free an static-safe.
    • Vacuumised no-clean.
    • Widths: 0.8mm, 1.5mm and 2.2mm.

    QTEK 9503Desoldering Braid1.5m0.80mm€1.20
    QTEK 9506Desoldering Braid1.5m1.5mm€1.20
    QTEK 9508Desoldering Braid1.5m2.2mm€1.50
    QTEK 9510Desoldering Braid1.5m2.7mm€1.50