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    Flux Pens
    Flux Pens

    • Apply controlled amounts of "No-Clean flux", RMA, masking and water based products.
    • Conform to current regulations for controlling substances capable of evaporation hazard.
    • Accurate dispensing without flooding or mess.
    • Easy removal of a choice of tips.
    • ESD-safe pen available.
    • Acrylic Chisel Nib supplied as standard.

    QTEKFP200Flux Pen ESD SafeEach€2.38
    QTEKFP202Acrylic Chisel NibsPkt 10€5.80
    QTEKFP204Acrylic Bullet NibsPkt 10€5.80
    QTEKFP206Acrylic Point NibsPkt 10€5.80
    QTEKFP208Polyester Chisel NibsPkt 10€5.80