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    High Temperature Masking Tape
    High Temperature Masking Tape

    • Polyimide, pressure-sensitive, adhesive tape with
      silicone resin.
    • Excellent dielectric insulation properties.
    • High heat resistance and excellent solvent resistance.
    • Ideal for masking PCB gold fingers during wave solder or
      solder dip processes.
    • Tape comes in 33m rolls and in widths of:
    • Other widths available on request.
    • Water soluble tapes also available.

    QTEKPT0633High Temperature Masking Tape6mm€1.85
    QTEKPT0933High Temperature Masking Tape9mm€2.75
    QTEKPT1233High Temperature Masking Tape12mm€3.70
    QTEKPT1533High Temperature Masking Tape15mm€4.60
    QTEKPT1933High Temperature Masking Tape19mm€5.85
    QTEKPT2633High Temperature Masking Tape26mm€8.00
    QTEKPT3033High Temperature Masking Tape30mm€9.25
    QTEKPT4033High Temperature Masking Tape40mm€11.56