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HOME >> Chemistries >> Stencil Clean Spray and Fluid
    Stencil Clean Spray and Fluid
    Stencil Clean Spray and Fluid

    • Formulated specifically for the removal of stencil contaminants.
    • Extremely effective on solder paste residue.
    • Removes contaminants cleanly and without scouring the stencil surface.
    • Odour-free and evaporates quickly to leave surfaces clean and dry.
    • Typical uses include: underscreen cleaning, misprinted PCBs, spatulas, printer interiors.
    • Available in 500ml spray bottles and 5 and 25 Litre fluid containers.

    QTEK 6250Stencil Clean Spray500ml€8.10
    QTEK 4205Stencil Clean Fluid5 Litre€34.00