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Single & Double Splice Tapes and Kits

QTEK Single & Double Splice Tapes guarantee precise and secure connections of tapes in SMT pick & place machines. To avoid unnecessary stoppages of machines these splice tapes provide precise attachment of top and bottom of the two tape ends. The cover tape is securely joined and can be peeled off continuously across the joint.

Combined Splice & Clip Tape
QTEK’s new, innovative design is an easy to use, labour saving development that ensures an accurate and reliable connection every time. This single operation combines both the clip and splice tape on the one piece, eliminating the awkward handling problems commonly associated with the splicing process. 

Tape Splice Clip
These are brass clips with holes used with the tape splice tool. The shim includes holes to allow the material to go through the sprocket wheel of tape feeder, and points to secure it to the carrier tape and can be used with any width tape. 

Cover Tape Extender
This part adds an extra 380mm to cover the tape of component reels. It saves components being wasted or discarded when starting a new tape through a feeder. It enables the use of tapes in full reels or short sections, without component loss. It has a strong adhesive bond between the extender piece and original tape, thereby ensuring they will not separate, even after prolonged time under tension.

Splice Tool & Scissors
QTEK has designed and developed a unique splice tool for crimping and attaching splice clips. It is durable, ergonomic and easy to use. QTEK’s scissors ensures an accurate and aligned cut every time.

SMT Single, Double Splices Tapes, Clips, Tools, Combined Tape Clip and Station.