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Screen Rolls

QTEK produce rolls for all major screen printers and machine models.

QTEK are licensed converters of Sontara® CleanMaster cleaning fabric from DuPont®.

Sontara® CleanMaster was scientifically developed by DuPont® for under-screen cleaning applications.

Having a DuPont® product in your high-value equipment is a sign of reliability and quality:

  • Highly absorbent in many different solvents
  • Allows for improved liquid / solvent handling
  • Excellent wet strength
  • Improved residual capture, contaminant removal
  • Open spunlaced structure allows for better solder paste pickup
  • Excellent cleanliness
  • Washed during the “hydroentangling” (spunlacing) process
  • No binders or glues used to bind the fabric together

Always insist on DuPont® Sontara® CleanMaster from QTEK for your screen cleaning application


Screen rolls for DEK, MPM, Panasonic, EKRA and Furukawa Machines.